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CLIENT Testimonials

"SignCraft called us when they noticed a problem with our sign and had removed it to make repairs that day. Even though our warranty had expired two and a half years earlier, they removed, repaired and re-installed the sign free of charge. I was pleasantly surprised by their honorable commitment to excellence and quality service and can think of few contractors I have dealt with over the years that can match that standard."

Central Pacific Insurance:
"SignCraft is one of those rare companies that deliver top quality design and product and stand behind their work. Their cheerful customer service and sincere interest in helping my business grow was absolutely refreshing."

Village Framing:
"The day after SignCraft installed our new sign our sales increased by 40 percent. It made me think about why I had not had my old sign replaced sooner."

Zaca Mesa:
"When our signs developed a problem with the over-laminate due to a factory defect, SignCraft refaced over one-hundred signs at no charge long after the warranty expiration. They never questioned or disputed our request to have the problem solved, and completed the repair within days of our request. I would highly recommend them for their integrity, and follow-through and distinctive design."

Equity Reach:
When we asked SignCraft for sign designs, they not only exceeded our expectations in that category, they also produced remarkably creative architectural ideas for our building remodel as well as new marketing concepts for our mortgage business. I was floored by their professionalism of their presentation and by the breadth of their marketing and creative ideas. I got far more than one would ever expect from a sign company.

These are just a few testimonials from our most satisfied clients.  We can provide many more references upon request. 

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